Our sophisticated and intriguing scents have all been inspired by different places around the world. From the hills of Tuscany to the Medina of Morocco, our luxury fragrances were all inspired by our memories, and we designed our products in the hope that you could make some of your own.

Holidays are a time for relaxation and rest, and our luxury fragrances will transport you around the world, without leaving your own home.

Our Exotic Ingredients

During our travels we made wonderfully romantic memories, and after we left, we discovered a range of scents that reminded us of those adventures, and wanted to share them. From the beaches of the Mediterranean, to the interiors and gardens of Tuscany, we decided to create luxury fragrances that would transport you away from the mundane present, and take you to a relaxing state.

Our home region of Scandinavia is home to “Scandanavian gold”- amber. During the winter, the many heavy storms stir up the bottom of the sea and send the amber with the waves to the beach, which inspired our Black Amber & Saffron scent. Across the border in Iceland’s geothermal pools, the warm turquoise waters set in blackened lava rocks were the inspiration for our Musc des Thermes fragrance

In the Mediterranean we fell in love with aromatic fruits such as figs and grapefruits, and were inspired to pair them with herbs such as basil and thyme. We were determined to find a way to capture the fresh, invigorating aromas in our products. Our freshest and purest scents were inspired by these ingredients, including our Grapefruit & Basil, Oak Chypre & Orange, and Fig & Rhubarb luxury bath fragrances that delicately scent your skin.

Our time in the Middle East found us intrigued by the opulence of our surroundings. We fell in love with the aromatic resins frankincense and myrrh that are so desired in the region, and so determined to create the mysterious aromas of the medinas. It was during these travels that we came across Midnight Oud , a musky, luxurious fragrance that has a sweet balsamic and vanilla note, perfect for scenting your home with rich fragrance. The luxurious and spicy scents of Asia also inspired our Saffron & Ginger scent, which is infused with radiant warmth and a beautiful soft sensuality.

During our travels in New York we discovered a dark and sultry scent of leather and wood, and so we have recreated the scent of the Moroccan inspired private members rooms that we found ourselves in. The relaxing notes of the leather and wood will complement your home perfectly.

During our time in Australia, we fell in love with the musky tones of Oriental Sandalwood & Black Pepper. The spicy, woody notes create a deep, rich aroma that lingers in the air like velvet.

The seasons provided inspiration themselves, from the warm hearthside notes that surround rich golden saffron, to the fresh floral notes of spring found in our White Cashmere scent, we found ingredients to reflect the personality of every season. So whether it is winter or spring, you can be transported with our scents from around the world.

So let Lilou et Loïc transport you around the world with our scents; whether it is your home, bedroom or your bathroom that exudes our exotic luxury fragrances that take you away from the everyday stresses of life, and into the world of luxury.