With Spring and Summer fast approaching, holidays loom and we all start thinking of getting away for a bit of relaxation. Sunny beaches, lazy days on the sunbed or fun time in the swimming pool, you still need to think of your skin routine, if not even more important now than ever.

travelling essentials

   You probably have your favourite products that you trust implicitly and that your skin is already used to, hence reluctant to start trying new brands whilst away, or even buying full size products which then will have to be left behind. That’s why at Lilou et Loic we have created a beautiful and luxury gift set containing all our 8 scents in smaller versions of our high end paraben free body lotion (available online www.lilouetloic.com). Ideal as a travel companion and in the perfect size, a bottle fits in your pocket or hand bag as hand luggage on a plane, or of course the whole box of 8 lotions can still be packed and transported in hand luggage because of the smaller sizes of each separate bottle. It comes packed in our very handy grey and white stripy elegant presentation box with a black grosgrain ribbon.

travelling kit

   Airplanes and other means of transport all take its toll on your skin and health but especially long haul flights across continents. Some high-altitude physiology might surprise you…. If a passenger becomes very dehydrated on a plane the risk of incurring health problems during and after the flight will definitely increase. Not only should you drink 2 litres of water (which is what you would loose from your body’s total supply) but also hydrate your skin thoroghly before boarding the plane as well as continue to rehydrate until you reach your destination. Cabin humidity can sometimes be as low as 10% which can result in substantial dehydration and reduction in skin elasticity given the fact that in the UK the humidity levels are between 35% and 50%. This is especially true if you also enjoy sipping wine or celebrating your long sought after departure with bubbles, or any alcohol for that matter. Not even coffee or tea would be safe here I am afraid. Alcohol or caffeine in combination with the dry cabin air is something to avoid if possible.

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   A calming and relaxing scent we would recommend to use during a long haul flight would be our Award winning Fig & Rhubarb to de stress, or you can enjoy Lilou et Loic’s refreshing and energizing scent of Grapefruit & Basil for an awakening excitement and anticipation of your dream holiday. Finally, arriving at your destination and rehydrating once more, we highly recommend one of our best sellers, Moroccan wood & Fine leather for something exotic to commence your holiday and get into the right mood.

Happy Holidays from the team at Lilou et Loïc !