Where will your Lilou et Loïc wings take you?

Our Scents are inspired from our magical travels and where we grew up. We are always on a journey to find the most unusual and inspirational scents to bring to you. The following journey tells the origin of our grapefruit and basil scent.

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.”

Rudyard Kipling

As the chill in the air is replaced by a sunny haze the world around us starts to feel different and our senses are awakening.

We find ourselves walking from room to room in our houses lifting cushions and moving photographs. I am looking at photographs of friends and family soaked in rays of sunshine and I start to think about our first trip away this year. I abandon the packing for a moment to indulge my senses, making myself a coffee I move to my favourite room in the house, the orangery.

Burning brightly in the early morning sunshine is our grapefruit and basil candle. I push the cushions aside on the day bed and sit to enjoy the assault on my senses. Breathing in the luxurious scent I am transported to the place of its original inspiration high in the hill tops of Tuscany.

We are staying at a small privately owned Vineyard, the rooms are whitewashed walls with fresh white linen sheets and beautiful wooden shutters at the windows. All around is warm, the earth has rich colours of ochre and sunshine yellow which contrast against the fresh lush green of the vines. During the afternoon the breeze lifts over the trees sending the muslin curtains draped about the bed to fill like the sails of a boat.

All around the air is scented, our morning breakfast brings sharp zingy citrus from segments of the palest pink grapefruit, laid majestically on white plates with tiny leaves of wild thyme. The smell is incredible, fresh and clean and to taste… the combination is sublime, immediately we wanted to capture this scent. By the afternoon on the first day, having smelt the gently sautéing garlic and lemon coming from the rustic vineyard country kitchen I knew I was on the path to finding something very special.

During our trip I was beginning to think of a scent combination that could capture the mood and feeling of summer but leaving behind the cliché. I was laying in a bath of our luxurious bath foam enjoying the warm water soothing my sun kissed skin thinking back to the visual memories of our day. We had taken a vintage car trip out to another neighbouring Vineyard to sample their wine and to shop at the local market.

I had wrapped a silk scarf around my head as the car was open topped, feeling like a movie star we watched the road twist and turn as clouds of dust puffed up around us carving out our journey. We passed rows of citrus trees and vines sending out incredible scents as they were being warmed by the midday sun. After sometime we stopped and ate at a hilltop restaurant boasting local simple Italian cuisine, it didn’t disappoint, we feasted on giant red tomatoes and soft clouds of mozzarella and fresh dark green basil topped with olive oil and lemon. The afternoon spent in the market was a rich treasure chest to enjoy, produce spilling from thick woven baskets, bright colours and smells and there tied with brown string were bundles and bundles of basil…

The subtle combination of grapefruit and basil has remained captured in our beautiful signature candle. Here, sitting in the orangery in my home at the very start of summer I look forward to enjoying the memories long into the autumn. I invite you all to light some memories, or indeed, make some new ones of your own. Our products are perfect for burning in your home to enjoy with friends and family, they also make the perfect dinner party gifts, any host would be delighted to receive such a treat...

Join us for our next blog to find out the travel inspiration behind some of our other products and scents including our luxury body butter and luxury bath foam