We're passionate about candles at Lilou et Loïc London.  It's our business and as experts, we appreciate what a luxury they can be, so here are our tips on caring for your candle:

care for scented candle


1. Trim the wick
A small mushroom can appear on the wick after burning a candle, especially luxury candles that tend to use a larger percentage of oil for better fragrance. The oil and wax travel through the wick into the flame, hence producing the scent. If the wick isn’t trimmed, it can soot, so regularly trim the wick to ensure your candle glass looks as good as possible. We suggest trimming the wick to around 5mm between burns. Ensure you keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.


2. Avoid tunneling
If you choose to burn your candle for very short bursts, e.g. less than 30 minutes at a time, you may find that your candle hasn't melted all the way across, then when lit again it will only melt out to the first burn and then tunnel down, which means a loss of burn time. Try to burn your candle right to the edge. And invest in high end, quality candles where possible, to ensure the wick fits perfectly and avoids tunnelling.


3. Choose the best location
Fragrance rises, so place candles lower down and you’ll smell them sooner.
Fireplaces are often a good location.


4. Timing
Light your candle an hour or so before guests arrive. To maximise the scent, put your candle out after two hours of burning, as you won't notice the fragrance any more after that time. Unless you of course want to keep them burning, in order to maintain more of an atmosphere.



5. Choose the right scent to set the scene
To make the most of your candle, really think about how you plan to use it before deciding on a fragrance. Different scents are a great way to change the tone of a room or event. Heavier notes linger longer, so if you want a more powerful impact opt for amber, ouds or wood, such as our award-winning Moroccan Wood & Fine Leather candle - all perfect for an intimate evening drinks. Subtle spice or herbal scents work great for special meals and summery jasmine tones are fantastic for early mornings, as we gently ease ourselves into the day ahead.


6. Make use of them
In can be tempting to stockpile candles and keep them for a special occasion, but at Lilou et Loïc, we're passionate about bringing luxury into your everyday and treating yourself to the power of scent. It is worth remembering that candle fragrances, like perfumes, can fade, so we suggest using them sooner, rather than later. Some candles will discolour if they are in direct sunlight, or near harsh indoor lights such as spotlights, something we’ve tried to avoid through our innovative silver glass design.


7. Store them correctly
Always store your candles in a cool, dark and dry place. Scented candles also look great stored under a glass cloche, which also protects them from dust. Or use a lid.


8. Extinguish them with care
Ideally, use a proper snuffer to extinguish your candle, as this prevents the wick from moving and the wax from spilling. This will also assist in maximising burn time.