The Top 3 Interior Designers who have Inspired Lilou et Loïc

   Since young little girls, both our founders have grown up with interior design from Ralph Lauren Home. A house filled with this timeless elegance whilst growing up has inspired Lilou et Loïc’s founders, hence this mirrored style which can still be seen throughout their own homes. The reason and logic for their love of this designer is that it works. With a classical and chic approach, it lays the foundation of refined statement design which lasts a life time. This immortal style can be seen in both Lilou et Loïc’s Bathroom range as well as the Home Fragrance Collection.

   Me and my girls visit the Festival of Jasmine in Grasse every summer and bring home beautiful memories year upon year. I will never get bored of it’s refined beauty either. It is like going back in time. In this old distinctive town – so proud of it’s ancient traditions and interiors – during 3 days the streets are sprinkled with the finest white jasmine petals and the scent is both romantic and mysterious at the same time. Chic Jasmine garlands are joining up all the windows on the old and tall orange town houses. The locals gather in the squares and the town is buzzing with life and exquisite scent.

   A boutique that has long inspired us for the same reason and as a consequence makes the perfect stockists for Lilou et Loïc is Katharine Pooley on Walton Street. Having always been an ardent admirer of this divine boutique shop in such a prominent location in London, we are honoured and very proud to stock our products there. Her exclusive boutique offers a wide range of the best interior designers in the world and she is herself a leading specialist and connoisseur in the field. For expert advice on exclusive and luxury interior design as well as a browsing experience out of this world, we highly recommend a visit to this exclusive and beautiful store.

   Another stockist worth mentioning where Lilou et Loïc has taken inspiration from her ageless, classical style is Annie Haimes Interiors in Henley. Again, in a wonderful and chic location this stunning boutique is a wonderful representative of Lilou et Loïc where we are displayed amongst other fantastic and luxury brands. We couldn’t feel more honoured and proud to be part of her inspiring collections. Her shop is not only a pleasure to visit, but an outright necessity for any interior design lover who finds themselves in this area. Her expertise and style is second to none.


   We would like to take this occasion to thank these 3 inspirational leaders for a valuable lesson and insight in to their world of luxury interior design – a statement in design and inspiration that will, for sure, live on for an eternity…

With love from Lilou et Loïc

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