The palm trees rustle in the light breeze under the backdrop of a deep blue sky with not a cloud in sight. As you walk down the whitewashed wooden stairs of your holiday villa and into a glorious garden full of flowers, you say to yourself that if there were to be a paradise, this would be it. You stand on the diving board and peer into the bright blue water, sparkling in the sunshine, before plunging into the pool. You feel the cool water against your skin, a pleasant sensation in contrast to the baking heat.

Summer. The time of year when for those precious two weeks, you can leave the daily stresses of work behind you and switch off.
Lilou et Loïc can prolong those chilled summer vibes and help you destress. So follow our quick guide and recreate your vacation using our scents.


Bring back memories of poolside or beach relaxation with our Grapefruit & Basil or Fig & Rhubarb scent. The refreshing citrus fragrances of grapefruit and lemon zest bring sunshine into your interiors all year round, with the basil, thyme, and splash of woody-amber tones capturing the rich Mediterranean flavours.


Whether you spent your summer on safari or enjoying the beaches of Zanzibar, our Moroccan Wood & Fine Leather fragrance can recapture those African memories. The exotic blend of smoky wood infused with rich orris, patchouli, and labdanum is inspired by days spent exploring the winding alleyways in Morocco’s enchanting medinas.


The deep, rich, sensual scent of our Oriental Sandalwood & Black Pepper range is inspired by the fragrances of the orient. The classic exotic sandalwood blends with the vibrancy of the black pepper to create a smooth and lingering blend that brings a touch of Asia into your home.

Although it’s true we can’t transport you back to your dream destination, we can definitely keep the memories alive through our fabulous range of fragrances. Until next year…