The Sanctuary of Luxury

sanctuary of luxury

Recently Lilou et Loïc was awarded the prestigious award of the New Luxury Business of the Year 2018 at the Luxury Law Awards 2018. This was a huge achievement and an invaluable recognition for the brand, as well as a time for us to reflect.

Amongst other category winners were Stella McCartney for Sustainable Luxury, Ralph & Russo for Leading in Luxury and Coty for Deal of the Year; all fantastic brands with a great value proposition in the luxury sector.

The Luxury Goods sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy. We are a luxury home and body fragrance house, so when we are asked what luxury means to us, what does it say about our products and what does it say about the brand, it is compelling to take a moment and reflect. After all, luxury is more than just a look.

The word luxury has become an elusive and overused terms in recent years. We do sometimes find ourselves trying to defend its use, because it has such deep meaning for us as a brand and we don’t like to see it used to describe a sentiment that has no value recognition in the same way it should.   Looking a little closer, in its direct French translation, the word luxury means “self-indulgent”. In Latin the direct translation is “extravagant”. Both of these are descriptors that perhaps perfectly describe luxury, but they omit the most fundamental parts of what makes something, an object or emotion, luxurious.

For Lilou et Loïc, luxury has a very important value meaning.

Is luxury relative to time and culture? This may well be the case but there are some consistent commonalities that stand the test of time. For us, true luxury is timeless.

We have always prided ourselves on making beautiful, high-quality products. But luxury is not about product. Luxury is value and emotion based. It is nostalgia with substance and is about experience. It’s about time, and the story of a journey. Every creation is a journey, a thought process and experience. True luxury doesn’t accept or follow trends. That is what makes it timeless.

Luxury is about the way one feels in the presence of a person, a product, a place, a piece of art, a scent. A memory can be unlocked to give one a special feeling and recreating this memory at a higher level is a skill that luxury can invoke. We create this by way of fragrance, through our iconic design which touches three of the five senses.

We feel that everyone can experience luxury in their own way. In today’s world, luxury needs to be sustainable in the way it lives on beyond a product; sustainable in the way it is created and communicated; and in the way it can be experienced. Lilou et Loïc also aims to create value by bringing the gift of time, self-love, friendship and freedom from loneliness, listening to nature, culture and being passionate about life and love. This is what value-based luxury is about, and how we define true luxury.

Luxury that goes deep into your senses, by memory, scent and emotion is the kind of luxury that Lilou et Loïc strives to create. From the moment the packaging meets the eye to the continuous enjoyment of a product that is handcrafted from the finest oils and fragrance, our products deliver.  Taking the time to nourishing the skin or the home is the experience that sits alongside our products. The experience is the luxury part and it continues beyond the product to truly become your own.

Recently one of our Founders found herself in the presence of Arrigo “Harry” Cipriani, the original founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice and the Cipriani Hotel and Restaurant Group, in London. He discussed what luxury really meant to him and agreed strongly that it is timeless. A week later we visited his home town, Venice, during the annual FT Business of Luxury Summit. This visit reiterated to her that she agreed with Arrigo: luxury is not something that has changed much over the years,  despite the ever-changing world climate, political landscape, and sliding economies. This is most apparent in times of fear or crisis, when people and nations tend to come together and become nostalgic of ‘what was’ and try to recreate the past, past emotions and feelings. Being able to re-live a precious memory is luxury in itself, and is priceless. True luxury is not something that changes with the seasons but rather upholds its values and stands the test of time. It simply is.

Reflecting in Venice, a place often associated with luxury, travelling there comes with an automatic sensory experience as of course it can only be reached by water. The hotels and restaurants have a history of grandeur and an aristocratic and affluent clientele, but anyone can go to Venice. Today, 25 million visitors visit the island per year. It is not Venice itself that is luxury but its history, its heritage of design and art, and the tranquillity and time it takes to travel between places on water. This time taken allows reflection, which in turn creates emotion and memory. It is these memories you take with you that are the luxury. Once recreated in a new setting, it has incredible value.

At Lilou et Loïc we constantly repeat the phrase “home is where the heart is”. This is WHY we do what we do; to invoke and recreate happy memories and feeling through artisan-made home fragrance and body fragrance, to nourish home and heart. This is true luxury for the persona: your own sanctuary of luxury at your fingertips.

Your own Sanctuary of Luxury is unlocked through your senses.

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