The Magic of Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine

Lilou et Loïc’s newest luxury scent, Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine, is a beautiful summery fragrance invoking thoughts of nature’s greatest warm season, with vivacious notes of citrus fruits peppered with herbs and an underscore of musk. It’s a beautiful and lively blend, with numerous benefits.

Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine

Neroli oil is produced from the bitter orange tree, with a sweet but somewhat honeyed and metallic more refined scent than that of orange blossom. The differentiation in the names and fragrances is due to the extraction method from the tree: neroli oil is extracted using delicate steam distillation, and orange blossom using enfleurage. Native to Africa and Asia, it is mainly found in Tunisia and Morocco.

Wild Neroli is an exceedingly popular scent in both the beauty and home fragrance industries, and is reported to have several health and wellbeing benefits to those who inhale it or use it topically in personal care products. A therapeutic scent, it has been shown to reduce inflammation and help with minor pain management; including being well-reputed as an oil significantly beneficial to treating unpleasant symptoms of the menopause. What’s more, clinical trials into the inhalation of Wild Neroil oil showed that those smelling it regularly had significantly decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to others – so it can manage blood pressure to healthier levels and reduce the associated stress on the body and mind. Its citrus properties are also anti-oxidant and detoxifying, keeping you healthier all round!

Beautiful Water Jasmine also is said to have a variety of naturally-occurring properties. An antimicrobial, it makes for an incredibly effective disinfectant and antiseptic, and is often applied topically to the skin. It also is said to efficiently deal with both the cosmetic appearance and tightness of scarring, spots and other skin blemishes. Furthermore, it can revive the mood and act as an antispasmodic to help clear the mind and as a mild sedative, helps to promote a healthy and deep sleep quality.

Working together with only the highest quality and concentration of oils in sophisticated and decadent Lilou et Loïc blend, Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine is not just relaxing and thought-provoking, but is fast becoming a firm favourite with staff and customers alike! Beautifully packaged, paraben-free and with an unparalleled attention to detail, Lilou et Loïc Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine is the ideal scent for both the summer season and beyond.

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