The Healing Benefits of Sandalwood

   When I first explored the oils and scent of Sandalwood I was intrigued by all the incredible benefits it brings. And this is of course an important part of what we do, as we hope that the scents and paraben free products we create also have some kind of important health or relaxing benefits, something to make our day a little bit brighter at least.

   Sandalwood paste or oil derived from it is widely used in products for skin and beauty around the world today but firstly and more importantly, it is also often used in medicines. Sandalwood has an antiseptic property which protects the skin from infections and fights bacteria as well as heals and soothes the skin. It is also an anti inflammatory and is said to have a cooling effect, providing relief from many types of inflammation in the digestive system, nervous system and circulatory system, even in the brain! It is said to relieve fever, poisoning and bites. Sandalwood oil and paste also has a calming effect due to its sedative and relaxing properties. Research suggest it relaxes nerves and muscles, hence widely used in problems associated with coughs, cramps and aches. Furthermore, it fights the viral infections that caused the cold, cough or flu in the first place. Some research even suggest it can guard against skin cancer. As you will realise, this little ingredient has an incredible and important part to play….

Healing Benefits Sandalwood

   So, back to beauty, how does it help our skin and why do we use it in lotions and creams for example? It is basically said to tighten the skin and help with skin ageing and wrinkles. it helps scars and acne to heal much faster. But it also soothes skin and can help skin feel cool and fresh and keep irritation at bay. It is fantastic for problem skin such as blemishes and pimples but also great for dry skin problems. It is even claimed it can relieve eczema!

   Asking your grandmother, I am sure it will come out as one of the favourites. This natural ingredient has been around for a very long time in skin products and beauty treatments around the world. In some parts, in India for example (where they call it Chandan by the way) and especially with Hinduism it is well respected and even considered indispensable and holy in rituals and treatments. You might be familiar with the sacred mark on the forehead in some communities in India.

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   In my research I was recommended to blend Sandalwood with Black pepper for a maximum Aromatherapy benefit and relaxation. It relieves and helps manage anxiety and depression and boosts energy as well as increases alertness, hence we felt that this was a fabulous scent for Autumn when the nights are creeping in and we spend so much time in darkness. Go on, now light that candle with Oriental Sandalwood & Black Pepper and feel the happiness all around you! Put your feet up and you will feel the warmth coming back bringing relaxation and calm to your senses.

NOTE: sandalwood essential oil is recommended not to be used raw on the skin!

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