Lilou et Loic’s Mission and Vision

   Having always shared a love of contemporary, classic and clean interior design, Lilou et Loic set out to create a range of home fragrance and every day products, that matched their level of expectation in terms of exclusive, quality, but also luxury products that could be used daily, yet still looked beautiful and complemented the aesthetic of their homes. They created a brand that also brought luxury, beauty and joy into everyday tasks through an artisan Home & Body Fragrance range, that through the quality of the product, scents and beautiful design, gifted the user the luxury of time by allowing the cherished moments to reflect and treasure the elegance in everyday actions. The result was a collection with international acclaim, including elegantly designed pieces that harness the power of scent, with stand-out detailing to complement any décor, such as the decadent hand-made oversized decanters or signature hand-poured candles, alongside statement room diffusers, all designed to bring interiors to life with fragrance and style. With the finest attention to detail, everything is beautifully packaged in its signature grey and white striped cylinder gift boxes, lovingly tied with stylish grosgrain ribbons.

Lilou et Loic

   This is the back bone or template for the branding at Lilou et Loic, and consequently resulted in a clean and classic branding. The elegant grey and white stripes reflects this as well as the dreamy and romantic angel wings which are time less.

   Our products were born bespoke for the British Royal family and this remains at the core of what we do. We want to empower both women and men alike to find their unique style.

   There are 3 questions a brand must ask them self to stay true to their branding and identity:

   1) WHY? Very few companies can clearly express why they do what they do. At we would like to think of ourselves as the ultimate home and bath fragrance destination for the international and sophisticated women and men, looking for personalised, reusable, royal family favourite and statement designs.

   2) HOW? Some brands know how they do what they do and we like to explain our process in the way of empowering and inspiring women and men alike, to be them selves and to express their creativity and believe in their own strengths. Our mission is to bring creativity and artistry into everyday home through the art of fragrance. We want to inspire our international customer to become the Artist of their own statement decor and therefor personalise their own fragrance experience. 

   3) WHAT? Every company on the planet knows what they do of course and we also hope that our customers already know that Lilou et Loic’s signature scents and statement designs, born bespoke with an international heritage and Scandinavian roots, delivers unique fragrance combinations inspired from the founders travels, love of interior decor and a strong belief that we should all have a personal relationship with our scent choices. Hence why, Lilou et Loic brings hand made glass from Poland, hand poured candles by local artisans in England, natural oils from the hometown of scents, Grass, all wrapped in our eco-friendly approach through reusable and refillable premium designs, to your everyday home, so that you can start your day by feeling inspired, creative and inclusive.

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