How to scent your Home

   Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus.

   A home is so much more than just a space with beautiful furniture. A home is personal and should reflect your taste and style, and what better way to complement your interior décor and make it personalized, than adding your favorite scent throughout your house. So don’t be afraid to believe in your own senses. Match your perfume with a room diffuser or a scented candle. Make guests think of YOU when they enter your front door.

   There’s an ideal function for all scented products in Lilou et Loic’s Home fragrance collections as well as in our scented Bath & Body range. Some products work better in a specific setting than others and to make sure you make the most of our products we have given some guidance below on how to scent your home.

scent your home

   Let’s start with the outdoors as this is a place where most of you would probably not think of using scented candles for example. However, it’s a fact that mosquitos stay away from citrus smells so our Grapefruit & Basil scented candle is ideal as a repellent for a dinner setting or a summer BBQ with friends. The basil conveniently also complements the aromas of most cooking or dishes served which only adds to the ambience.

scent home

   Moving on inside, the space of the room often plays a part in choosing the right product. Extensive rooms would require larger creations such as our 3 kg 4 wick Emperor candles. They are also ideal for open plan areas as the scent will raise high and cover the whole space. But in a bathroom a smaller room diffuser would make do. The room diffuser is also ideal in rooms where constant odors need to be eliminated, such as a room where pets are kept. Or you might just want a constant and continuous scent to meet people in the hallway, weather they are expected or on a surprise visit. A scented candle takes a while to start diffusing through a space while as a room diffuser is constant and instant.

   We have made sure that our customers can also use daily essentials such as hand wash and hand lotion, shower gels or body lotions in the same favorite scents. We call this a layering experience where the same blend can be used through your day in different ways. Through a favorite scent you can develop an identity that people can recognize you by, weather it’s in your home or on your skin. This is why we created our Bath and Body Range comprising of Bath foam in decadent hand made glass decanters and superior Body butter and Bath salts in beautiful mouth blown eco friendly glass containers. This way, you can calmly wind down in the evening, still within the lawyering experience as again, they all complement the rest of our collections so that the same creation or even complementary fragrances can be used through out your day.

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