How to scent your home in style

   One of our unique selling points is the design of our products. They are created to make a statement in your home and to be integrated as a piece of your interior. We want to bring interiors to life with style and scent and nothing quite sets a mood like a beautiful candle casting a gentle glow and surrendering exquisite scent. Or an elegant diffuser, gently releasing continuous fragrance into the air to give a lasting signature scent to your home.

scent your home

   Pot fragrant herbs in your kitchen and combine them with our Grapefruit & Basil scented candle or reed diffuser. It works so well in a kitchen (and takes away any unwanted cooking smells as well). It transports me back to a summers day in the country where the double kitchen doors are wide open and the fresh air brings in scents from the garden patch just outside where I used to grow herbs such as Basil, mint and Rosemary – That reminds me, HAVE to bring Rosemary into one of our next scents for the Home fragrance collection!

   Add fresh flowers to any scented room. It brings your space to life with vibrant colours and natural beauty. But you should make sure you pick the right flowers at the right time to get the most out of them and the best scent. Mornings are always the best time of day as they are full of sap. Pick the best stems you can find with an abundance of buds, rather than too many open flowers as they will last longer. Place them by an open window and an amazing fresh scent will fill your house. Choose something that compliments a room diffuser or scented candles you might have already. Add more flowers to floral scents, such as our White Cashmere range, or add spices to our Ginger & Saffron (herbs and spices should also be picked early in the morning with the dew still fresh, as this means they contain more oils and have a much more powerful aroma). However, if you combine florals with spices or herbs, it can sometimes be too much in my opinion, so keep to the same when possible.

   Why not re-use one of our silver coated candle jars after they have burnt down, and make it into a beautiful flower vase, or pot your herbs and spices inside it. It’s all about Sustainability right now and we always try to think of how to reuse what we have. Pour boiling water in the candle jar to remove the last remaining refined wax as well as the wick. It comes out easily and then your jar is ready for your fresh flowers.

   Our scent Inspiration ……

   Scents through luxury Hotels all over the world have become very popular and to me this has been a great inspiration for our own scents at Lilou et Loic. It shows off the culture of the countries where you holiday but also sets the mood. You bring that scent home, and you relive every moment of it. Our Oriental Sandalwood & Black Pepper, Moroccan wood & Fine leather as well as our Midnight Oud have all been born from memories abroad in exotic places, whereas our floral scent inspiration derives from closer to home – France, England and also Scandinavia and they are the White Cashmere and the Wild Neroli & Water Jasmine scents. The fruity scents in our collection originates from the Mediterranean and these are the Fig & Rhubarb as well as Grapefruit & Basil. We are constantly working on new exciting scents and we can’t wait to introduce these to you in due time…

White Cashmere in Essentials


Malin Wright – Creative Director

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