Grasse the capital of scent & home of Jasmine

   We always new that we wanted to create something around Jasmine. Jasmine is synonymus with Grasse and now one of the most popular and wide spread cultivated flowers to be found here. We have an abundance of it in the garden surrounding our family house in Grasse so this is the first scent I can smell when opening the bedroom window and breathing in the fresh air from outside. As the idea of Lilou et Loic was first realized in the South of France, this elegant scent was an inspiration and is one of the pillars in scenting our products and is of course a well known timeless classic and popular with many. Jasmine can be found in our Wild Neroli & Water Jasmine scented Home Fragrance collection, as well as in the White Cashmere signature scent in the luxury Bath & Body Range.

The wonderful Jasmine outside my bedroom window

   Me and my girls visit the Festival of Jasmine in Grasse every summer and bring home beautiful memories year upon year. I will never get bored of it’s refined beauty either. It is like going back in time. In this old distinctive town – so proud of it’s ancient traditions and interiors – during 3 days the streets are sprinkled with the finest white jasmine petals and the scent is both romantic and mysterious at the same time. Chic Jasmine garlands are joining up all the windows on the old and tall orange town houses. The locals gather in the squares and the town is buzzing with life and exquisite scent.

   The Jasmine flowers are mainly white, but some species are yellow in colour. It is known to have originated in the Himalayas but now one of the most famous places for cultivating Jasmine is in Grasse in the south of France, and this is were most of the famous fragrance houses come to source Jasmine for their sophisticated fragrant collections, in search of the finest quality.

   One of the most famous gardens is the Mul Gardens where Jasmine will flower from August through to October. The locals compare the Jasmine plant to a barometer which can tell what the temperature was 2 days earlier. Fewer petals and blossom today means that 2 days earlier it was very cold. Each evening a new flower opens, ready to be picked the following day and, interestingly, when harvested the plant splits and two new flowers will appear in its place. So thankfully, there’s always a constant abundance of lovely flowers and powerful scent in Grasse from late summer to early winter.

My daughters Elle & Lilou at the festival of Jasmine in Grasse

Malin Wright

Creative Director

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