We all need some 'me-time', but the demands of modern life mean that many of us are unable to achieve the weekly hourly yoga session, regular massage appointments or meditation headspace that we tend consider beneficial to relaxation and general wellbeing.

In this instance of course, we need to make the best with what we have. Your time out may be a few breaths and closed eyes over a quiet cup of tea, a nice hot bath when the children are in bed or some well-deserved sofa time with some snacks. It need not be anything fancy, time-consuming or expensive; but should be a small, even tiny, activity that you feel helps to nourish your body, soul and mental health. Taking time for yourself is something that many of us feel guilty for doing amongst our numerous other responsibilities and duties - but it shouldn’t, as nurturing yourself allows you to nurture others better in turn.


fragrance for relaxation and wellbeing


An easy enhancement you can make to any time focusing on yourself is to introduce scent. Your sense of smell is hugely powerful and can evoke memories, emotions and even physical responses to certain scents. These strong reactions can be beneficial to you in many ways, from making you smile to helping you relax and restore some headspace.

The paraben-free Lilou et Loïc fragrances are perfect for unwrapping the layers of even your most hidden inner stress and allowing you to breathe easy and free.

The zesty orange tones of Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine has been proven to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and has cooling properties. This makes it the ideal fragrance for inhalation after a long hot day; to relax you and help you wind down after lots of activity. The opposite effect is introduced by the radiant spice in Saffron and Ginger, which warms through and tickles the nostrils beautifully through colder weather. Luxury scented candles of both allow slow dispersal of these fragrances throughout your home to be inhaled over time.


fragrance for relaxation and wellbeing


Begin your day with a Grapefruit and Basil shower gel: basil is widely used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and fatigue, and the zing of the grapefruit helps invigorate and stimulate healthy blood flow. End it with a soak in Black Amber and Saffron bath salts, which promotes healthy sleep, cleanses the pores and is even said to have aphrodisiac properties!

You may also find that certain scents evoke memories and happy emotions. Fig and Rhubarb may remind you of a happy Mediterranean holiday, Midnight Oud of a special occasion and White Cashmere of a loved one. Whatever fragrances may be your favourite, include them in your wellbeing routine for happy boost to your physical and mental health. You'll feel great AND smell great - and that's a real win-win!


fragrance for relaxation and wellbeing