Design & Packaging –The importance of premium presentation, yet sustainable

   “Lilou et Loïc is known as a British brand with a Scandinavian sensibility and its candles and reed diffusers have been some of our loveliest home fragrance discoveries this year. The sleek iced silver and white striped hatbox-style candle boxes, the contemporary-look wood and glass reed diffusers… everything about this brand is cool, modern and tailor-made for a cocooning evening in, whilst the product design works beautifully in any home.” Fiona Klonarides, Editor of The Beauty Shortlist

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Stylised products that offer a design statement for the home

   At Lilou et Loic we are passionate about bringing you the perfect product, presented in the perfect way. We take pride in our products, not only how they smell and feel but how they appear. We want everything you buy to look truly beautiful when they grace your home. The aim is to bring you amazing products that are carefully produced and presented in our stylish and sophisticated way. Hence each piece is lovingly produced using the glassblowing skills developed over generations. These exceptional pieces of craftsmanship then continue their journey to be graced with our unique decoration and accessories. Design is at the forefront at Lilou et Loic and we pride ourselves in the attention to details. Our inspiration behind the beautiful grosgrain ribbons that finish off our bath and body collections, focus on the designs behind the amazing work and style of the fashion world. We believe in attention to detail and the finishing touch of a luxurious bow make our products standalone with luxury and style.

Make bathtime beautiful...

   Our grand, handcrafted glass decanter, finished with this beautiful grosgrain ribbon, therefor brings an unusual classic elegance to any bathroom.

   Finally, every product arrives beautifully wrapped within a luxurious presentation box embraced by the Lilou et Loïc livery of silver and white stripes. Topped with the final touch of a smart, grosgrain ribbon, every fragrance ensemble is a sensory experience that’s immediately ready to give as a distinctive and special gift.

first impression counts...

   According to Wikipedia, Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability and reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint. This is not necessarily an end goal but a constant and gradual effort of improvement. According to the industry experts, part of the packaging and plastics problem we all live in today, is that the material is perceived as having no value and very cheap, unlike glass, so it is often discarded instead of recycled or reused. Glass on the other hand, no matter how many times it is recycled, its permanent nature means that its quality never changes or diminishes – glass remains glass and can be infinetely recycled. We are very proud that our products are produced from recycled glass which creates 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution than glass made from raw materials.

   We feel that everyone can experience luxury in their own way. In today’s world, luxury needs to be sustainable in the way it lives on beyond a product; sustainable in the way it is created and communicated; and in the way it can be experienced. Wash out the jar with hot water and dispose of the wicks. The jars look beautiful set in uniform rows down your dining table filled with scented seasonal flowers, or place them on the bedside table in your guest room. I always leave one of the mid size jars empty next to my husband’s bedside so he can put his loose change and keys in it, they are also ideal for any hallway as we all like to leave little bits and pieces lying around. One of my favorite uses is to pile them high with seasonal fruit, frosted dark berries look majestic in the winter against the silver and plump red strawberries whilst watching Wimbledon in the summer. It is the perfect game set and match!

   Luxury that goes deep into your senses, by memory, scent and emotion is the kind of luxury that Lilou et Loïc strives to create, from the moment the packaging meets the eye to the continuous enjoyment of a product that is lovingly handcrafted and sustainable.

Lilou et Loic

Malin Wright – Creative Director

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