born bespoke creators

   In 2011, Aldis and Malin launched Lilou et Loïc. At a popular Christmas retail show in London the first decadent handmade decanters of beautifully scented luxury bath foam were displayed, alongside jars of bath salts, body butters, and matching fragrant candles. The packaging was elegant; but what lay within was even more stunning.

   A journalist for a well-known magazine aimed at those with an interest in luxury lifestyles spotted the brand and featured the products as a on ‘heavenly finds’. This was the beginning of a great journey.

   2012 started well for the small, newly-launched brand, with Malin working from her workshop in Hampshire on design and new inspirations. Having tested concepts during the Christmas period at private sale events, she continued to refine the product line. The company was soon in a position to set up its own small offices in Farnham, Surrey; where all product design still takes place today. With lots of interest from retailers and the press article creating a real buzz, one fine day on a sunny but cold Thursday afternoon in winter, the small company received an order from a member of the British Royal Family. Aldis and Malin, both sitting in the small office at the time, debated whether it would be courteous to send some product samples in addition to the product ordered. They agreed to offer further samples and scents in a handwritten letter within the package – the first of many small but well-thought-through details to come.

   This was the start of an amazing journey. Not long after, Lilou et Loïc were approached to create something unique to be given as gifts from members of the Royal Family to their household and friends. As a result, the brand started producing bespoke home fragrance, various oils and scents for both the Queen herself and her family.

   To this date, Lilou et Loïc has been involved annually with producing bespoke home fragrance for various residences of the British Royal Family, including most recently for HRH Princess Eugenie’s wedding. The company was honoured to scent the wedding and provide the charming candle flames at her reception.

   Following these bespoke orders, Lilou et Loïc has gone on to produce entire ranges of specially designed bottles, oils and fragrance; for Royals and others alike.

Born Bespoke

Our products were born bespoke and this remains at the core of what we do. We want to empower both women and men alike to find their unique style… and we believe that invoking beauty in the everyday can inspire and enlighten.

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