sweedish christmas

My Swedish Christmas

   It’s that time again! And I can’t believe how quickly it has come around. The kids are excited, the streets are beautifully decorated with

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Let’s think sustainability!

So, let’s start with the scary truth…. We will eventually run out of fossil fuels, animal species will become extinct, and we will destroy our atmosphere beyond repair – If we don’t change! The secret

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Lilou et Loic

Lilou et Loic’s Mission and Vision

Having always shared a love of contemporary, classic and clean interior design, Lilou et Loic set out to create a range of home fragrance and every day products, that matched their level of expectation in terms of exclusive, quality, but also luxury products that could be used daily, yet still looked beautiful and complemented the aesthetic of their homes.

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scent your home

How to scent your Home

A home is so much more than just a space with beautiful furniture. A home is personal and should reflect your taste and style, and what better way to complement your interior décor and make it personalized, than adding your favorite scent throughout your house. So don’t be afraid to believe in your own senses. Match your perfume with a room diffuser or a scented candle.

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Born Bespoke

Born Bespoke

In 2011, Aldis and Malin launched Lilou et Loïc. At a popular Christmas retail show in London the first decadent handmade decanters of beautifully scented luxury bath foam were displayed, alongside jars of bath salts, body butters, and matching fragrant candles. The packaging was elegant; but what lay within was even more stunning.

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Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine

The Magic of Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine

Lilou et Loïc’s newest luxury scent, Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine, is a beautiful summery fragrance invoking thoughts of nature’s greatest warm season, with vivacious notes of citrus fruits peppered with herbs and an underscore of musk. It’s a beautiful and lively blend, with numerous benefits.

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sanctuary of luxury

The Sanctuary of Luxury

Recently Lilou et Loïc was awarded the prestigious award of the New Luxury Business of the Year 2018 at the Luxury Law Awards 2018. This was a huge achievement and an invaluable recognition for the brand, as well as a time for us to reflect.

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