Saffron & Ginger

Saffron & Ginger

The luxurious and spicy scent of Saffron & Ginger is infused with radiant warmth, as welcoming as a hearthside on a winter’s evening.

Created around a rich heart note of golden saffron, this unique fragrance has a beautifully soft sensuality. The bright spices of ginger and cardamom, blended with an uplifting pop of bergamot and sweet orange, appear to sizzle and crackle. Creamy sandalwood and amber in a smooth perfumed wave, transform the rise and fall of these lively notes into more languorous tones, like gently glowing embers.

  1. Saffron & Ginger Room Diffuser

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  2. Saffron & Ginger Signature Candle

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