Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

   At Lilou et Loïc we are passionate about bringing you the perfect product presented in our own distinctive, sophisticated way. Luxury is not just a word, it is our inspiration and philosophy…

is for…

   All of our luxury home and body fragrances are specially formulated and infused with our own-blended scents. These were inspired by our travels around the globe, ranging from Iceland to the Middle East. Our luxury scented candles are individually hand poured in Hampshire, ensuring the best quality results every time. The perfect subtle finish to your home. 

   Our luxury bath and body fragranced products are made with the highest calibre of ingredients and are completely paraben-free. They make a lovely gift or a special treat to yourself. Each piece is lovingly presented in handmade glass, produced using glassblowing techniques developed over generations. These exceptional pieces of craftsmanship add the final touch to our unique and decadent products.

strawberry We love to bring you amazing products that are carefully produced and presented in our stylish and sophisticated way …

   We also want you to love our products, and put your unique touch on them. All our hand-made glasses are completely reusable just wash out the jar with hot water and dispose of the wick/wicks. Our jars look beautiful set in uniform rows running down your dining table filled with scented seasonal flowers, or place them on the bedside table in your guest room

Why not leave one of the mid-size jars empty next to your husband’s bedside so he can put his loose change and keys in it? They are also ideal for any hallway as a stylish way to manage the little bits and pieces we all tend to leave lying around …

   One of our favourite uses is to pile them high with seasonal fruit, frosted dark berries look majestic in the winter against the silver. Or why not include plump red strawberries whilst watching Wimbledon in the summer. It is the perfect game set and match!

is for…

Understanding our products and our customers, from nose to factory … it all makes scents!

We are inspired by the world around us and our travels across it. Check out our luxury scent collection and learn how our journeys inspired them in our blog the Luxury Edit.

is for…

coupleExclusivity! A little luxury goes a long way …

Have you ever wanted to have something truly special that signifies an event or occasion?

We have been providing bespoke Home Fragrance to the Royal Family for several years, and we are now creating bespoke gifts for you. So many of our memories are based on scent. It is our pleasure to create memories with you through our fragrances. 

Perhaps you are planning a wedding or a big party? Wouldn’t it be amazing to personalise a candle to give to each guest with the bride and groom’s names and special date engraved on it or the party date and specification!

All this amazing exclusivity is possible. Our team are waiting to help you discuss all your needs and offer you help and advice to make your next event truly luxurious and unique.

Call us +44 (0) 845 564 1398 or email: sales@lilouetloic.com for more information.

Lilou et Loïc making X for exclusivity part of your special event!


is for…

Unique: “If you always wear the same thing, you make a statement. Then put a bow on it and you really stand out!” Dhani Jones

We take pride in our products, how they smell, feel and appear. We want everything in the range to look truly stunning when they grace your home.

Our inspiration behind the beautiful grosgrain ribbons that finish off our luxury bath and body collections, focus on the designs behind the amazing work and style of the fashion world.

We believe in attention to detail and the finishing touch of a luxurious bow is a sophisticated finish.


is for…

Rejuvenate, relax and unwind

Think of the most relaxing place that you can truly unwind and rest. Restoration and rejuvenation are what we have in mind when we design and create our range of luxury bath and body products.

We’ll transport you to a relaxing moment at the spa or the feeling of being on a tranquil holiday away from the rush of life. Escape to a far-away place when you use our indulgent products on your skin. Made with the finest ingredients using no parabens and produced with only quality and luxury in mind.

Deep and indulgent luxury bath salts are rejuvenating and a fantastic way to detox and relax. The salts dissolves into your bathwater filling the room with a beautiful scent, softening your skin and relaxing tired tense muscles, bringing the luxury treat of a spa to your home every day.

Feed your skin after your bath with our creamy luxury body butter This indulgent body butter with a base of shea butter leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturised. A little piece of heaven as we say goodbye to dry skin!

Our product range not only smells amazing, it also looks spectacular in your bathroom. Our handmade glass decanters for our luxury bath foam come in 6 exclusive different scents with a beautiful co-ordinating grosgrain ribbon in a grey and white striped presentation box.


is for…

You, we are always thinking of you …!

“Shine with all you have. When someone tries to blow you out, just take their oxygen and burn brighter.” Katelyn S. (Irons)Bolds

We want to give you the best in, luxury, design and of course quality, all wrapped up and finished with a bow!


Malin and Aldis

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