Malin Wright | Co-founder

Malin Wright

   Having grown up between Stockholm, where I was born, and the North coast of Sweden, where beaches are bordered by forests I crave balance between the buzz of the city and the calm tranquility of nature – something that is mirrored in our fragrance collections.

   The scent that transports me back to childhood comes from those summers spent by the sea. A blend of salty water and pine trees. This fragrance makes me feel close to my mother as it is where she grew up.

   I left Stockholm for Paris in 1992 to study Law at ASSAS university. Although I was terrible at acting (really terrible) I managed to get myself a part in a French soap opera to help pay the bills!

   When I moved in London in ’96 to study Psychology at Goldsmiths University I continued modeling right up until I got married. When Aldis and I met I co-owned a marketing business. We had an instant connection. I guess unconsciously Scandinavians stick together. It’s the easy way I guess. You sort of know you will have similar backgrounds, values and principals.

   We were always keen on starting something together that centred around our shared passion – beautiful and classic products in Home Fragrance and Bath & Body – but with a statement.