Aldis Firman | Co-founder

Aldis Firman

   I had the privilege of being surrounded by phenomenal natural beauty growing up. I was born and raised in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik – the city is by the sea. My homeland is often referred to as the land of fire and ice – the country is filled with waterfalls, mountains and glaciers. Summers are magical with daylight around the clock and the midnight sun. Winters are long, dark and cold. The air is fresh and the people are strong.

   Among my earliest memories are summer holidays spent on a tiny volcanic island in the South of country. 3,000 inhabitants live side-by-side with colony of Puffins and the local sport is rock swinging! Fresh Icelandic air tinged with fresh cut grass is my earliest recollection of fragrance.

   I moved to England when I was 20, studied Law at University of London; after Law School I completed a Masters, specialising in Corporate Law and began my professional career between London and New York.

   Having got married to a racing car driver in my mid 20’s our lifestyle meant we were hopping between countries and homes in London and Monaco for several years.

   The dream of creating something creative and unique then became a reality in 2011 when Malin and I founded Lilou et Loïc.

   Malin and I met whilst working in London and we instantly became close. Like we’d always known each other. We share the same core values and principles and a very similar design aesthetic all of which inform the brand.