About Lilou et Loïc

Malin Wright – Creative Director

   The Brand was created in 2011 by Scandinavian born friends – Swedish model and designer Malin Wright and an Icelandic lawyer, Aldis Firman; Lilou et Loïc is the product of their mutual love of evocative fragrances and contemporary classic interiors. As the Brand grew it stretched its wings beyond what they could have imagined.

   For the sophisticated, international, successful and confident women and men, Lilou et Loic is the one home and bath fragrance brand that brings creativity and artistry into everyday home through the art of fragrance and design.

   That’s because only Lilou et Loic brings hand made glass from Poland, hand poured candles by local artisans in England, organic oils from the hometown of scents, Grasse, all wrapped in its eco-friendly approach through reusable and refillable designs, to your everyday home, so that you can start your day by feeling inspired, creative and inclusive.

   Available internationally with sales offices in both London, New York and Dubai the brand continues to strive for excellence and sustainability in all it does. Born from passion, but grown up to inspiration.

Join us in our world of scents.

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Malin & Aldis
Co Founders
est 2011